Fitness Trails provides a perfect solution and Plan4Sport is proud to be the sole distributor for this style of outdoor gym equipment and training programme in the UK.

The forthcoming Olympic Games have certainly generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm.

On our part, we’re committed to increasing the Nation’s activity levels, improving enrichment opportunities in schools and colleges and reducing obesity levels in every community, town and city in the UK.

Our specialised equipment and training programme led by our team of trained Community Fitness Leaders will encourage any user of any age or ability level to get involved. And the greatest thing about Fitness Trails is it is completely free to use!

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, Fitness Trails consist of user friendly exercise stations (either grouped together or spaced over a distance, linked by a path) allowing users to enjoy a range of workouts which encourage weight loss, body toning, strength and conditioning, flexibility and core stability work. Everything you can do in an indoor gym... but outdoors!

Each exercise station helps young people and adults of all ages and abilities enjoy specifically designed workouts, illustrated by easy to follow "Coaching"

signs placed next to each station. The user simply reads the signs to understand how the equipment is used safely and effectively, then begins a workout, following the bronze, silver or gold programme that best reflects their current fitness level. Alternatively, users can join a group activity session led by our qualified Leaders.

Fitness Trails are weatherproof, vandal-proof, highly robust and can be installed on virtually any outdoor surface, including grass, concrete, tarmac, synthetic surfaces, wood or bark. Our Exersite can also be covered and floodlit. Because of their versatility, Fitness Trails have proved extremely successful in schools, universities, open spaces, public parks, sports and leisure centres, housing developments, spa resorts and sports clubs - proving that health and fitness does not always have to take place indoors.